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In Vietnam, Omyogahub is one of the first yoga centers applying infrared energy in health care field. We, Omyogahub is pround of  welcome you come to try new classes that only has at Omyogahub named Infrared Hot Flow Yoga and Infrared Sauna to "feel the change” of your body.

An important and optimal role of infrared energy is to detoxify your body when it absorbs into the skin deeply and slowly heats the body and harmonizes its heat. Consequently, body sweats, pores open wide and toxin is removed from blood, which improves blood circulation and skin texture, reduces ageing process and as well as acne and other types of skin problem. Otherwise, infrared energy is also useful for overweight people to loose weight through boosting the burning process of excess calories.

Let’s practice yoga and enjoy in the wonderful environment that we Omyogahub try to bring to you....